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What Is A Tow Winch?

A tow winch can be found on many vehicles, typically trucks. It is usually placed on the front of vehicles and used to tow, pull, or lift other vehicles. Although they are not common, they are extremely valuable if you are off-roading or if your car breaks down.

Here’s what you need to know about tow winches.

How It Works

A tow winch is a system with a wire that winds while keeping tension. It tends to be a very durable wire that can pull other vehicles without snapping. Operators can use it to pull another vehicle, whether it be out of a ditch or onto a towing platform.

The Different Parts

There are many different components in a working tow winch. Each component performs a unique function. The different parts of a winch are:

  • A Cable Wire: chain or steel wire wrapped around the drum unit
  • The Drum: a circular spool that keeps the wire wrapped and untangled.
  • The Motor: powers the winch and can be hydraulic or electric
  • Gear Casing and Gear Train: transforms the motor power into pulling power.

All of these parts allow a tow winch to perform its job.

Precautions When Using

Before you attach the winch to another vehicle, make sure you check your surroundings. There should be no obstacles between the vehicle being towed and the anchor vehicle that could interfere with the cable. Make sure any other people nearby are a safe distance away while the winch is running. You should also make sure whoever is using the winch knows how to operate it. If you do not know how to operate a tow winch, you should call a professional towing service.

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